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Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetes is the fastest-growing disease in the world. Today 240 million are suffering in the world.
10% of the population survey says that by 2025, one in five will be people who have diabetes.
I say it is not a disease, but it is a disorder in Corbo-hydrate metabolism.

Dm is the result of improper carbohydrate metabolism. It cannot be cured 100% by any type of medicine.
But it can be controlled by medicine and exercise. By activating pancreas by doing a particular exercise
And following a strict diet system, one can lead a life like an average person. What else do you want?
Tight Control of Blood Glucose.
Tight control of the blood glucose means keeping blood glucose as close to normal as possible and avoiding blood glucose highs and lows.
Reduce the risk of complications.
Achieving and maintaining glucose concentrations as near to healthy as possible can prevent.
Defer and slow the progression of long term microvascular and macrovascular complications, reducing mortality and improving the quality of life.
Reasonable control of blood glucose can reduce complications of the eye, kidneys, and the nervous system by up to 60% amongst people with type 1 diabetes (DCCT).
The result of the 21 years long, the United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study (UKPDS) showed.
That high level of blood glucose is one major contributor to diabetes-related complications check here in people with type 2 diabetes.
It is also showed that there was an up to 35% reduction click here in the risk of difficulty with tight control of blood glucose.
Follow the prescribed diet, exercise, and here treatment.
Your glucose control depends upon the choosing the right check here foods. The more you learn about how food here affects your blood glucose, the more choices you will have.
To continue enjoying favorite foods, use blood glucose monitoring to learn their effects.
Exercise is an integral part of any health plan to control blood glucose levels as it makes insulin work best and lowers blood glucose.
Testing regularly around with exercise time will help you avoid blood glucose high and lows.
Medication for diabetes in the formation of tablets or insulin interacts with food, exercise, and your body’s insulin to make out your blood glucose level.
Monitoring your blood glucose regularly show the effect of food choices
Medication doses and also other changes in your everyday routine on your blood glucose levels.
Without it, your health maintenance provider may not know when and what changes are needed.
For best results, review information about blood glucose, food, exercise, and medication with your doctor.
Monitor your blood glucose regularly

blood glucose regularly check up
Knowing your blood glucose levels daily and overtime- is the key to successful diabetes care.
Test often, as testing at different times gives different information:
Fasting: glucose tells if the insulin you make or take is controlling blood glucose overnight.

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